Apple Mobile Devices Should be Working Again and New Apps on the Way.

Apologies to those who’s Apple phones and iPads were not working with the live stream. I thought I had the live stream for Apple products fixed but it turns out that I did not. There was a power outage at the station and when the computer came back up there was a mismatch between the streams and the codecs. This affected only the MP3 stream and not the OGG stream.

On another note look for an Android update any day now. Visibly it is nearly identical but the back-end has been rewritten and the radio stream pausing and stopping has been improved.

Those of you with Apple products will have longer to wait for an updated app. I’m still testing out a complete replacement for the existing app.

Board Replacement in the Control Room

Classic Old Board!
The New board in the Control Room

I wanted to share with all of you a major change that started last week. The first picture is of the control board for the radio station that has been in use since the 70’s (I think). It has gone through several repairs in it’s lifetime. Unfortunately, it’s glory days are over. Time for something else to handle all the new technology out there.

The board in the bottom picture is our new (temporary) board. This board will allow us to modernize a few things over the coming weeks. For instance, there is a new phone system that can plug directly into the board. Not only will this eliminate that cellphone feedback but it will also provide us with a few more bells and whistles. Not only that, we won’t need to put the mic over the phone!

Internet Streaming Down

Just wanted to quickly let everyone know that the internet streaming is still down. We apologize for this. We are going through some changes and haven’t gotten the internet streaming up again. We expect we will have it fixed sometime this week.